Hotels, Clubs, Restaurants and Public Houses

Hungry or tired or both?

This entire section is devoted to establishments offering accommodation, food and drink in a wide range of environments and styles.

Hotels and Public Houses

Most of the hotels and public houses in and around Sawtry offer both formal dining and bar snacks at various times of the day whilst nearly all the public houses serve food in addition to an extensive array of drinks. Some of the public houses also have "live" entertainment at various times.

Greystones Public House at Sawtry in Huntingdonshire

Greystones Public House



The A to Z lists on the left summarise nearly every known hotel, club, restaurant and cafe in the Sawtry area along with their address, location and if they are members lots of other information too! To help you find things easier we have also divided them up into sections. Follow this link if you want nearly every business in Sawtry.

Member Hotels

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Member Food and Drink Locations


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District Wide Events.

Do you have EVENTS that no one knows about?

Our event diary is district wide, go an have a look at the Huntingdonshire Event Diary. If a registered business enters an event it appears immediately on this site and in the district event diary seen by over 250,000* people each year (* statistics from Google Analytics) on over 60 websites.